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Type Selection Gear Box
1 Determine the type according to the instalation and drive requirements.
2 Determine the required reduction ratio and input rpm.
3 According to the conditions and frequency of use, determine the service factor. The multiply the service factor by power output (kW) and output torque.
4 Select a value from the type selection reference table which meets or exceeds the calue calculated from the above formula.
5 For extremely high reduction ratios and low-speed operations, output torque must be carefully considered.
[Formula for Horsepower and Torque]
HP=horsepower (1 HP = 75kg.m/sec)
T=torque (kg-m)
KW=2?NT / (75 x 60)=NT 
T=973.7 x KW   
LoadOperating Hours per Day
30 minutes2 hours10 hours24 hours
Steady0.80 0.90 1.00 1.25
Medium Impact0.90 1.00 1.25 1.50
Heavy Impact1.00 1.25 1.50 1.75
Steady :Medium Impact :
Agitators and mixers (liquid/semi-liquid)
Alternators and generators (lighting)
Blowers, exhaust fans, fans (centrifugal-induced draft, light, small-diameter fans)
Conveyors and elevators (uniform feed)
Beverage and food processing machines (bottlers, can fillers, ovens, coolers etc)
 Agitators and mixers (liquids plus solids or variable mixing)
Blowers, exhaust fans, fans (centrifugal-forced draft, large industrial fans, lobed rotor type, vene types)
Conveyors and elevators (non-uniform feed, screw feeders)
Cranes and hoists (main hoist and travel motion, skip hoists)
Laundry equipment (centrifugal driers, tumble driers, reverse-agitating washers)
Heavy Impact :
Alternators and generators (welding)
Conveyors and elevators (reciprocating, shaking, apron and pan feeds)
Stone breaking machinery
Papermaking machinery
Drum drives (grader grums, grizzly rolls, etc)
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