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Overhang Loads
When attaching a chain sprocket or V-pulleys to the output shaft, the overhang load must be taken into consideration.
Allowable overhang loads are shows in the following table.
[Formula to Determine Overhang Load]
Allowable overhang load
Overhang load = T x H x S / R
T=Torque x service factor
S=Position factor
H=Overhang load factor
R=Radius of pitch of sprocket wheel or pully
Chain1.00 Overhang Load
Flan belt2.50 
if overhang load value does not satisfy the above formula, increase R (i.e. radius of pitch of sprocket wheel, gear or pulley).

1) l ? L/s (when load is at middle or inner side)  S = 1
2) l > L/s (when load is at outer side)                S = 2 l /L
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