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FL Jaw Series
Flexible Couplings
Specification and Application
Applicable to all type of machinery and hydraulics.
Small volume and large transmitted torque.
To be plugged in axially, easy assembly, maintenance-free.
Balancing axiad, radial and angular misalignment.
Dimensions of bore d available on customer's request
Applicable from -40C to +100C, temperature peaks up to 120C
Rotor Coupling FL
FL 9 ~ FL 90
1.8 ~ 2400 Nm
0.28 ~ 184 kw
TypeMax torqueMax speed2800 ~ 28000 rpm
FL 93.528000Material
FL 141519000Aluminium, Steel
FL 192014000
FL 247010600
FL 281908500
FL 383807100
FL 425306000
FL 486205600
FL 558204750
FL 6512504250
FL 7525603550
FL 9048002800  
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