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Bonfiglioli Electro Motor
BN Series
AC Brake Motor
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Specification and Application
A complete range of AC motors developed for gearmotor duty that will exceed expectations
The IEC-normalized BN motors comply with all the applicable international standards, including the EMC and LV Directives. They are available in the 0.06 - 30 kW range in the foot and the flange mounting version, the latter in both the IM B5 and the IM B14 configuration. Single and dual pole version available with generally, three brake options offered, one DC and two AC supply, lending further flexibility to the system. Finally, all motors are inverter duty.
Bonfiglioli BN Type
 BN 56A ~ BN 200L
 0.06 ~ 30 kw
 2 ~ 8 , 2/4 ~ 4/8 Pole
TypePower  380V
BN 56A0,06  Mounted
BN 56B0,09  B3, B5, B35
BN 63A0,12   
BN 63B0,18   
BN 63C0,25   
BN 71A0,25   
BN 71B0,37   
BN 71C0,55   
BN 80A0,55   
BN 80B0,75   
BN 80C1,1   
BN 90S1,1   
BN 90LA1,5   
BN 90LB1,85   
BN 100LA2,2   
BN 100LB3   
BN 112M4   
BN 132S5,5   
BN 132MA7,5   
BN 132MB9,2   
BN 160MR11   
BN 160M15   
BN 180M18,5   
BN 180L22   
BN 200L30   
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